I've been of the opinion that the differences between T.V. Serenity and Movie Serenity is because the Lassiter caper finally paid off and they put for some (cheep, but necessary) upgrades.

F.Harr 03:57, 5 June 2008 (UTC)

Size Issues Edit

re: The statistics section, are the measurements of the Longer, movie version, or the shorter series version? This needs to be clear, maybe even with alternate stats tables, and images-JimmytheJ

For what it's worth the Serenity RPG games states the size to be (LxBxH) 191 x 128 x 53 feet. That's supposedly the TV show size.
But honestly, I haven't seen any scifi ship with such varying inconsistencies whether official or not. While I was creating some catwalk in an unrelated project I used the Serenity's set as a reference. Based on plating sizes, studio set pictures, and rough architectural standards the cargo bay studio set is definitely 50% larger in all dimensions except the height(referring to the 191 feet size). It occupies all the volume possible beyond the cargo bay right up to the wing and into engine section. That's a 2.25x increase in area! The ceiling ends below the shuttle bays. Yet there's no space left to have stairs leading up. This would require another 2-3 m in width. The catwalk itself effectively reduces usable cargo space down to 50%, including level walkways. It's a wasteful design. Based on these [1], [2] the studio set is about 56.6 feet=17.26 m wide at the top; cargo bay door is about 18.6 feet=5.68 m wide. I can confirm the upper catwalk setup as seen in this picture [3]. It's not possible otherwise. For the sake of trying, increasing the stair's steepness shaved off only 80 cm in the width. The length of the bay is unaffected. To be clear, all of these took the tilted walls into account with zero margin to spare. All this point to an even larger size than given for the movie version. The official blueprint set seems to be larger than the movie version by another 2% or about 3-5 feet m in length. I didn't bother to check more but it's likely getting more complicated, inconsistent and more bad design features.
Just on a side note. Most of the cargo bay ceiling of the set is lowered by about 40 cm inside the catwalk area, except the shuttle-to-shuttle way. It seems to be the reason for the lowered dinning room. Almael (talk) 20:00, September 8, 2013 (UTC)