Planet information


{{Planet infobox
|BG1=''Background color behind the name''
|BG2=''Background color behind the headers''
|imageBG=''Background color behind the image''
|name=''Full name of planet''
|hidep=''By setting as "1" will hide the "Planet information" header''
|sun=''Sun orbited''
|moons="Number of moons"
|terraformed=''Date terraforming complete''
|diameter=''Diameter of the planet''
|mass=''Mass of the planet''
|gravity=''Gravity of the planet''
|orbital position=''Position of planet within solar system''
|orbital distance=''Distance planet orbits sun''
|orbital periods=''Number of years/days taken to orbit primary star''
|region=''Region planet resides in''
|cities=''Notable cities or towns''
|population=''Population of the planet''
|affiliation=''Known, notable affiliations with organizations''

Clean template

|orbital position=
|orbital distance=
|orbital periods=
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