General Plans and Schematics


|BG1=''Background color behind the name''
|BG2=''Background color behind the headers''
|imageBG=''Background color behind the image''
|image=''Image of ship class''
|name=''Full name of ship class''
|hideg=''Inserting 1 or y will hide contents of infobox if no information is present''
|type=''Ship's type, e.g. Mid-Bulk Transport (Class B), cruise liner, warship''
|drive=''Ship's drive, e.g. Standard Radion/Accelerator Core''
|powerplant=''Ship's Powerplant''
|manufacturer=''Manufacturer name''
|manufacturer model no.=''Manufacturer's Model number''
|hull no.=''Number of the hull''
|price=''Price of ship''
|length=''Ship's overall length''
|width=''Ship's overall width''
|height=''Ship's overall height''
|hull=''Ship's hull''
|wingspan=''Ship's wingspan''
|main engine dimensions=''Dimensions of main engine''
|empty weight=''Weight when empty''
|max weight=''Maximum Takeoff Weight''
|max payload=''Ship's maximum payload''
|fuel=''Ship's fuel capacity''
|crew=''Ship's crew complement''
|passengers=''Ship's passenger accommodation''
|acceleration=''Standard Acceleration''
|range=''Range, e.g. 400 A.U.''
|armament=''Weapons on the ship''
|carried vessels=''Ship's carried vessels''
|other equipment=''Ship's other equipment''

Clean template

|manufacturer model no.=
|hull no.=
|main engine dimensions=
|empty weight=
|max weight=
|max payload=
|carried vessels=
|other equipment=
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