Behind the Scenes

  • Joss Whedon makes an uncredited cameo in this episode, playing a family member at Tracey's funeral.

Mandarin Translation

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  • "Well, I'm glad I rated higher than dead Bessie here. Ni gaosu na niu ta you shuang meimu? [Why don't you tell the cow about its beautiful eyes?]" - Kaylee to Simon.
  • "Tell anyone we were here, warn Malcolm Reynolds that we're coming, and you'll wish we'd burned you. Dong ma? [Understand?]" - Womack threatens Amnon.
  • "Tracey, you want to explain what in the tian xiaode [God knows what] you're talking about?" - Mal as he hears of Tracey's plan.
  • "Wo de ma, [Mother of Jesus,] they're comin' close." - Wash pilots Serenity, evading police vehicles.

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