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  • "Ben tiansheng de yi dui rou. [Stupid inbred stack of meat.]" - Saffron.
  • "This was all your fault, you know. I had the perfect crime lined up." "Sure. You were stealing a man's beard." "No, you houzi de pigu! [monkey's butt!]" - Saffron and Mal exchange words.
  • "Yiqi shenhuxi. [Let's take a deep breath.]" - Mal tries to calm Inara.
  • "I didn't mean petty." "What did you mean?" "Suoxi? [Petty?]" "That's Chinese for petty." - Inara and Mal.
  • "Nimen dou shi shagua. [Idiots, all of you.]" - Inara's response to the crew's willingness to follow Saffron.
  • "Why the captain is trusting that bu huihen de pofu [remorseless harridan] is beyond..." - Simon.
  • "Shensheng de gaowan... [Holy testicle...]" - Mal reacts to the opulence of Durran's collection.
  • "Wangbadan de biaozi! [Whores of sons of bitches!]" - Saffron curses the police.
  • "Ta shi suoyou diyu de biaozi de ma! [She's the mother of all the whores in hell!]" - Kaylee finds Saffron's handiwork.

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