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Union of Allied Planets naval officer[1]



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1 Tohoku-class cruiser


Union of Allied Planets[1]

"These are federal marshals, not local narcotic hounds. They've got better things to do, and so do we."
―The colonel.[src]

This Union of Allied Planets colonel was the commanding officer of a Tohoku-class cruiser not far from the Georgia system.

The colonel entered the bridge of his cruiser and asked a subordinate ensign to summarize "the fuss" he heard about. The ensign reported that it was an all-network alert about a cargo theft: six crates of Pescaline D had been stolen from a train on Regina en route to Paradiso. The colonel glanced at the report and briefly noted that the stolen drugs would sell for a fortune on the black market. Uninterested, he ordered the ensign to leave the matter to the local officials as he prepared to walk away. She stopped him, noting that a regiment of federal marshals was being held up in Paradiso. When the colonel told her to get them back aboard the train to their destination, she stated that the sheriff was requesting that some of the marshals assist him with the theft. The colonel, now agitated, finally dismissed the request. He considered the federal agents too important to be diverted to focus on a heist.

Because the colonel did not care about matters on Rim planets, and since he did not know the robbery was committed by the crew of Serenity, he missed a unique opportunity to help apprehend the sibling fugitives Simon and River Tam. The colonel later received word that the medicine was returned.

The colonel's vessel soon received two guests, two blue-gloved men working for Blue Sun, who were tracking the Tams. Busy with other matters, the colonel was late with his meeting and attempted to explain. One of the blue-gloved men interrupted him and mentioned the theft of the Pescaline D. When the officer reported that the medicine was returned, he was interrupted again: the men didn't care about the drugs either, but were aware that the Tams were complicit in the heist. They showed the colonel a picture of River, hoping to glean more information on their latest lead.

Behind the scenes[]

The Colonel aboard the cruiser only appeared in "The Train Job" and was portrayed by Kevin Will.


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