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Union of Allied Planets naval officer[1]



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1 Tohoku-class cruiser


Union of Allied Planets[1]

This Union of Allied Planets ensign served aboard the Tohoku-class cruiser commanded by Harken.

The crew of the Tohoku-class cruiser spotted Serenity performing an illegal salvage of material from a converted cargo hauler (a short range vessel) that had been retrofitted to carry passengers. As Commander Harken prepared to arrest the crew, he told his ensign to cite them for lacking the mandatory registration markings that were supposed to be on their bow. The ensign told Harken that the derelict was carrying Bernadette settler families to Newhall, but failed to reach their destination 3 weeks prior. Harken then went to speak to his radio operator.

He later informed Harken that the mutilated man that was found aboard Serenity had gone mad, killed several Alliance personnel, and escaped from custody. Harken told him to go to full lockdown, and post guards at the vessel's nursery.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Ensign aboard the cruiser only appeared in "Bushwhacked" and was portrayed by Jared Poe.


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