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Ep05.Magellan captain
Unidentified Magellan captain
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Union of Allied Planets naval officer[1]



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I.A.V. Magellan[1]


Union of Allied Planets[1]

"We aren't an emergency facility, captain. Our services aren't available simply to anyone."
―The captain of the Magellan.[src]

This Union of Allied Planets captain was the commanding officer of the Tohoku-class cruiser I.A.V. Magellan.

When the captain's cruiser was summoned by the crew of the Serenity, he gave them permission to dock. Once the hatch was opened, he came aboard with an aide and at least three heavily armed marines, and treated the crew in a standoffish manner and with suspicion. He marched directly past Malcolm Reynolds, and then demanded to know their business. When his aide handed him Mal's official papers, he brusquely noted that the official seal was out of date, addressing Mal as Captain Harbatkin (one of Mal's aliases). Mal reported that he needed urgent medical attention for Derrial Book, who had been shot in crossfire on Jiangyin, the reason for his visit. In reply, the captain pushed Mal's papers back and said his medical services weren't available to simply anyone. He was interrupted by Book, who weakly muttered for them to check his IdentCard. When the aide scanned the shepherd's card, he handed it to the captain. Then, after a brief look, the captain changed his mind and ordered his people to get Book to the infirmary at once.

After the Magellan's staff performed the successful surgery, the captain sent Serenity on its way with no trouble. Simon Tam later acknowledged that the Magellan doctors did an excellent job; Book did not reveal the secret on his IdentCard which impressed the captain, although he did tease the possibility that he might some day.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Captain of the Magellan only appeared in "Safe" and was portrayed by Ron Ostrow.


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