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Adelai Niska's syndicate

"Oh, I get it! I'm good! Best thing for everyone! I'm right there with ya."
―Niska's henchman[src]

This henchman was one of the mercenaries seen working for Adelai Niska. He was one of three subordinates who followed Niska's primary enforcer, Crow, on the world Regina to complete a deal Niska made with Malcolm Reynolds of Serenity.

When Mal failed to make the rendezvous not far from the town of Paradiso, Crow and some men tracked Serenity to their new location. As Crow, the henchman, and the two others boarded the vessel, they found Mal with the six stolen crates of Pescaline D. There, Mal responded that their deal was off and offered to return the first payment immediately. Crow threw a knife into the captain and a gunfight ensued. The henchman, seeing Zoë reloading her rifle, thought he saw an opportunity to rush her in close quarters combat. He charged, shouting, but Zoë dodged his blow and knocked him flat with the butt of her weapon. In the end, Crow and one of the others were disarmed, and the fourth was killed.

After Mal returned the Pescaline D to Sheriff Bourne, he went to speak to Crow, who was bound up like the others. He was told to return Niska's money and deliver a message. When he completely refused and threatened them all, Mal kicked Crow into the intake of Serenity's thruster. Mal then prepared to hand the money over and make the same speech to this henchman, but the henchman interrupted him. He did not need to hear the same speech again, and was immediately willing to comply, smiling nervously and fearing the same fate as Crow.

Behind the scenesEdit

The henchman was portrayed by David Reynolds.


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