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Bandit leader[1]


Independent bandit[1]

"Did you think we wouldn't find out you changed your route? You gonna give us what due us, and every damn thing else on that boat. And I think maybe you gonna give me a little one-on-one time with the missus."
―The bandit leader[src]

The leader of a group of four bandits on Triumph conducted a spate of robberies against the township of Elder Gommen. The gang consisted of three men and a woman.

To put an end to the banditry, Gommen secretly hired Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of Serenity as mercenaries in order to apprehend the criminals. The leader and his three comrades surrounded a Conestoga wagon, unaware that Mal and Jayne Cobb were disguised as simple wagon drivers and that Zoë Alleyne Washburne was hidden inside. When the bandit leader demanded the goods in the wagon, and also made clear his intentions to rape the "woman", Mal and Jayne drew their weapons. After Mal told them they would be taken to jail (or be killed, if they fought) one of the bandits yelled to incite a fight. The first to fire was Zoë, immediately killing one of the gang. When the others returned fire, Mal ducked down to avoid automatic weapon fire, and shot the gang leader dead. The woman bandit was killed next, and the final highwayman was shot off his horse as he fled by Zoë.

With the bandits dead, the crew of Serenity was paid in foodstuffs and other goods; however, their successful job on Triumph gave Saffron the opportunity she needed to trap the crew shortly later.

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"Bandit #1" appeared in "Our Mrs. Reynolds" and was portrayed by Alex Stemkovsky.


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