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Biographical information



Union of Allied Planets serviceman[1]


Radio operator[1]

Ship(s) captained or crewed

1 Tohoku-class cruiser


Union of Allied Planets[1]

This Union of Allied Planets radio operator served aboard the Tohoku-class cruiser commanded by Harken.

The crew of the Tohoku-class cruiser spotted Serenity performing an illegal salvage of material from a converted cargo hauler (a short range vessel) that had been retrofitted to carry settler families from Bernadette to Newhall, but which had disappeared. After Commander Harken spoke with his ensign, the radio operator recalled seeing a "flag" posted for a Firefly-class transport ship vessel and spoke up. Harken told him to check, and the operator read it aloud: an alert about a Firefly-class vessel harboring two wanted fugitives, a brother and a sister. When Harken prompted the operator for more, the subordinate could only say that the crime was classified. This lack of information frustrated Harken, who then decided that his people should shoot first and let the "brass" sort it out later.

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The Ensign aboard the cruiser only appeared in "Bushwhacked" and was portrayed by Jared Poe.


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