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Adelai Niska's syndicate

This torturer became the enforcer for crime boss Adelai Niska after the death of Crow. He served Niska aboard the skyplex in orbit around the world of Ezra, where he inflicted great pain on people who had crossed his boss.

The torturer was whipping a helpless man for Niska, and handed an ornate dagger to the boss when the time came. They were interrupted by Viktor with news about Serenity, which was not far from their location. When Niska has Malcolm Reynolds and Hoban Washburne kidnapped, the torturer hooked them into a device where he tortured them with debilitating electric shocks. This technique failed because Reynolds kept Wash's mind off the pain with a difficult discussion about Wash's wife, Zoë. They were interrupted again, when Zoë herself came and bought her husband's freedom. To spite Zoë and Wash, Niska instructed the torturer to slice off part of Mal's ear: he did, and the two departed with their captain's ear in a napkin.

Niska continued to subject Reynolds to his rants while the torturer cut into his chest. Finally, the man applied a small black device to Reynolds' abdomen; this device injected tentacles under his skin, causing excruciating agony, and eventually stopped the captain's heart. The torturer reported that their victim had died, but successfully started his heart with electric shocks. When Reynolds regained consciousness, Niska's man started again, this time with pliers. They were interrupted a final time when a security alarm sounded. With his captors' backs turned, Reynolds rose up and applied the small black device to the torturer's back, knocking him down. Reynolds had a few moments to beat Niska until the torturer rose up and pulled him away in a brutal struggle. The two eventually fell through a window, and the torturer threatened to push the captain into gigantic the factory pit. Before he could do so, he was riddled with bullets by Zoë, Wash, and Jayne Cobb. His body was flung into the factory pit and bounced off machinery until it was bisected at the waist by an automated welding laser.

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The torturer was portrayed by Smith Dunn


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