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The Union of Allied Planets Army was mainly responsible for land-based military operations. They launched offensive operations from land bases against land-based targets and were used in capturing and establishing control over Union of Allied Planets held territory. The Alliance Army frequently patrolled former Independent Planets and had served as assault troops aboard Union of Allied Planets Navy starships.


  • Armor Corps: Alliance Armor Corps are responsible for maintaining and the usage of armored vehicles
  • Medical Corps: the Alliance medical corps are responsible for providing aid in a military operation.
  • Engineer Corps:
  • Air Corps:


Infantry in combat are equipped with a helmet, purple Jumpsuit, and body armor. When they're not in their armour, army officers and soldiers are seen to be wearing the same uniforms as the Union of Allied Planets Navy.

There is the Alliance Army Dress Uniform.

Weapons and Equipment[]

Standard gear for Infantry consisted of an assault rifle (e.g. RSAF L85A1s and/or Heckler & Koch G36s), submachine gun (Heckler & Koch MP5SD3s) and grenades.


The Alliance utilizes a wide array of armored vehicles, tanks, and skiffs.