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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Every wiki editor has a wiki they call home, and mine happens to be Wiki 24, where I have 24,000+ edits. Recently, though, I have been re-watching my treasured Firefly DVDs and I was spurred to contribute here as the Firefly 'Verse is such an enriching world of fiction. When editing, I always gravitate toward describing and giving the most attention to the antagonists of a given work of fiction: without villains, your heroes downgrade to far-less-interesting "good people". Understanding the antagonists of fiction—whether they be tyrants, armies, criminals, animals, forces of nature, or what-have-you... even the dark side of the hero—as well as the structures & circumstances which produced them sheds the brightest light possible upon—and best illustrates—the protagonist.

Additionally, minor characters are simply too often overlooked on wikis. I enjoy giving them credit where credit is due.

The Rogues Gallery[edit | edit source]

Given my predilections for editing described above, I'll be contributing the best content I can about the "bad guys" and the minor characters, and I hope everyone else does, too. And here is my "rogues gallery" to catalogue articles I started (or have at least contributed to, generally with images) about antagonists and other threats to Serenity. This ranges from downright thugs, to well-meaning Alliance personnel whose exercise of police power is based upon illegitimate authority, to savage Reavers, and everything in between.

Episode 1) Serenity[edit | edit source]

Episode 2) The Train Job[edit | edit source]

Episode 3) Bushwacked[edit | edit source]

Episode 4) Shindig[edit | edit source]

Episode 5) Safe[edit | edit source]

Episode 6) Our Mrs. Reynolds[edit | edit source]

Episode 7) Jaynestown[edit | edit source]

Episode 8) Out of Gas[edit | edit source]

Episode 9) Ariel[edit | edit source]

Episode 10) War Stories[edit | edit source]

Episode 11) Trash[edit | edit source]

Episode 12) The Message[edit | edit source]

Episode 13) Heart of Gold[edit | edit source]

Episode 14) Objects in Space[edit | edit source]

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