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Adelai Niska's syndicate

Viktor was the assistant of crime boss Adelai Niska. He served Niska aboard the skyplex in orbit around the world of Ezra, and, as he relayed messages to him in person, was unscathed by the extreme torture Niska submitted his doomed victims to.

Viktor interrupted Niska while he was inflicting pain on a victim with the torturer. Niska barked back in anger, but Viktor reported that their long-range sensors picked up the signal of Serenity, the vessel owned by Malcolm Reynolds. Niska's mood immediately changed, and he became giddy with the idea of inflicting revenge on Reynolds for ruining his plan to steal Pescaline D and for killing his enforcer, Crow. He sent Viktor away to dispatch a team and kidnap Reynolds.

Viktor later reported to Niska when Zoe Washburne arrived with a fortune in cash to buy the freedom of Reynolds and her husband Hoban Washburne. Later, when the crew of Serenity staged an assault on the skyplex, Niska repeatedly signaled for Viktor to report to him, but Viktor never answered.

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Viktor was portrayed by Michael A. Bentt.


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