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  • "Taikong suoyou de xingqiu saijin wo de pigu! [All the planets in space flushed into my butt!]" - Wash, angered when his wife sides with Mal rather than him.
  • "Whoa! Meimei... [Little sister...] How you doing?" - Simon to River.
  • "Oh, this is a fine fangzong fengkuang de jie [knot of self-indulgent lunacy] but I don't have time to unwind it." - Mal reacts to Wash and Zoë's argument.
  • "I let that niushi [cow dung] trick of yours slide because this is a milk run. But when I go on a mission, I'm taking Zoë and that's the drill." - Mal to Wash.
  • "Zaogao! [Damn it!]" - Mal recognizes the laser bead an enemy has drawn on Bolles' head.
  • "Tama de hundan! [Mother-humping son of a bitch!]" - Mal sees Niska.
  • "He chusheng zajiao de zanghuo! [Filthy fornicators of livestock!]" - Book, upon recieving Mal's ear from Niska.

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