Warwick Harrow
Warwick Harrow
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Sir Warwick Harrow was a nobleman on Persephone who owned some "property" that he needed moved off-planet in violation of Union of Allied Planets regulations. He refused to deal with Badger - regarding him as a psychotic lowlife - who then sent Malcolm Reynolds to talk to him at a party that Harrow was to attend that night. When Reynolds inadvertently challenged Atherton Wing to a duel after Atherton insulted Inara Serra, Harrow agreed to serve as Reynolds' second. The manner in which Reynolds handled himself in the time leading up to and during the duel, convinced Harrow of Reynold's character and he decided to trust him with his "property", which was revealed to be a herd of cattle. His livestock were a key element in events in "Safe".

Behind the scenesEdit

Warwick Harrow was portrayed by Larry Drake. He made his first and only appearance in the "Shindig" episode of the TV series.